Navajo Sterling with high grade Godber Burnham Turquoise Ring C.1950-60s Sale!

Navajo Sterling with high grade Godber Burnham Turquoise Ring C.1950-60s

$140.00 $85.00

This is a lovely Navajo sterling and high grade natural Godber Burnham turquoise ring. There is a simple bezel around the stone with silver rope, silver leaf in each corner with a silver drop on either end.

Artist: unknown

C. 1950-60s

Size: 7

Stone Dimensions: L. 13 mm x W. 9 mm x D. 2 mm

SKU: 227NAV. Categories: , , , , , , .

Product Description

Sterling with high grade Godber Burnham turquoise ring C.1950-60s

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