Navajo – Sterling, High Grade Bisbee and Coral Ring with a Leaf twisted Wire and 3 Silver Drops – Cir. 1970S Sale!

Navajo – Sterling, High Grade Bisbee and Coral Ring with a Leaf twisted Wire and 3 Silver Drops – Cir. 1970S

$480.00 $400.00

Navajo – Sterling, High Grade Bisbee and Coral Ring with a Leaf twisted Wire and 3 Silver Drops – Cir. 1970S

Product Description

Navajo -Sterling, High Grade Bisbee and Coral Ring with a Leaf twisted Wire and 3 Silver Drops

Cir. 1970S

Artist/Hallmark:   W  

 Finger Size: 8

Bisbee Turquoise Stone 8 Cts

Additional Information


Finger Size: 8 Bisbee Turq 8 Cts

138 reviews for Navajo – Sterling, High Grade Bisbee and Coral Ring with a Leaf twisted Wire and 3 Silver Drops – Cir. 1970S

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