Sioux Beaded Doeskin Hide Doll Ca. 1920-30s – By Nellie Good Weasel Sale!

Sioux Beaded Doeskin Hide Doll Ca. 1920-30s – By Nellie Good Weasel

$2,999.96 $2,399.96

Sioux Beaded Doeskin Hide Doll Ca.1920’s-30
This doll is of exceptional size and has horse hair with ties on the ends of his hair. The doll has a beaded doeskin war shirt, leggings and moccasins. There’s a beaded hide face with beaded headband, and cotton muslin body. The original tag is included and reads – Sioux Indian Made by Nellie Good Weasel. $25.00 

Artist: Nellie Good Weasel (Birth Date 1896, From Shannan, SD. Pine Ridge Reservation)
Size: H. 17.5” x W. 12″
Circa: 1920’s – 30

Product Description

This doll is of exceptional size 17.5″

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