Zuni – Irvin & Mary Jane Edaakie – Multi Stone Channel Inlay Hopi Bird Concho Belt.  – C. 1960s Sale!

Zuni – Irvin & Mary Jane Edaakie – Multi Stone Channel Inlay Hopi Bird Concho Belt. – C. 1960s

$2,450.00 $1,715.00

Here’s a wonderful Zuni sterling silver, channel inlay multi stone Hopi Bird Concho belt. There is turquoise, coral , MOP and Tortoise shell.

C. 1960’sSize: Belt L. 33″ – Conchos W. 1″ x H. 1 3/16″ – Buckle W. 1 9/16″ x H. 1 7/8″
Artist: Irvin & Mary Jane Edaakie

This would be a GREAT addition to anyones collection…

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