Zuni – Multi Stone Inlay Rainbowman Ring – Attributed to Susan Quandelacy Sale!

Zuni – Multi Stone Inlay Rainbowman Ring – Attributed to Susan Quandelacy

$295.75 $238.20

Zuni – Sterling, Jet, MOP, Coral & Turquoise Rainbow Man Ring

Size: 8.5
Dimensions: L 2.5″ x W 1.75″

Attributed to Susan Quandelacy

Product Description

Zuni – sterling, MOP, Jet, Turquoise and Coral inlaid Rainbowman ring.

Size: 8.5  –  L. 2.5″ x W. 1.75″

C. 1980s –

Artist: Attributed to Susan Quandelacy


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